Age of brides in Ukraine and Russia

We have decided to make the little research about the age of  brides in Ukraine and Russia. The cultural traditions that make the critical influence on the marital age in these countries are very close. That is why we will make analysis of the subject as if we consider one country.

It is the proven fact that the young ladies since the rather young age fear that they will stay unmarried and they should be in a hurry to get a great groom.

Youngest brides

At 18 years old the biggest part of the young ladies tries seriously get married. If this does not happen in the physical plane, they begin an imaginary relationship with a real or imaginary men. They do this being driven by the serious desire to separate from their parents. Many of them long to feel themselves adult women.

Middle Aged brides

Near the age of 23 years old a woman has the perfect combination of moral and physical qualities that are necessary for the birth and upbringing of her offspring. So, women wed in this age to give the birth of the child.

Brides of critical age

A critical age when a woman wants exactly a family, and not just a child or relationship comes at the age of 28 years old.

Women, who managed to make a career, get housing and earn a car, as a rule, try to get married at 35 years old. They begin to feel the loneliness and some envy, meeting with friends that have already families and children.

Women have their last ejection of hormones into their blood at 49 years old. And sex is the main reason for them to get married at this age.

Close to the 60 years old appears the situation when both children and grandchildren of woman are becoming adults. It was during this period that a feeling of one’s own uselessness and, as a result, loneliness rolls on a woman. The best way to avoid this is to get married.

All aforesaid above does not mean that when a woman reaches a certain age then she hurriedly catches the first suitable man and tries to marry him. But at these periods of time people may change their partners in the fear that with the old ones they will not be able to achieve the new life goals.

But coming back to the eternal question: When do you need to get married?

We think that one needs to get married when one finds a person with whom he or she is ready to spend the rest of his life. So for now, enjoy life. And there is no such thing as the necessity to get married. When you meet your man or woman, you will immediately understand. Or you will make a serious mistake…