Do not make such gifts to women

Discussing the topic about gifts for women, we should affirm that the one-stop solution does not exist. But in this post we have tried to summarize masculine mistakes made during the selection of gifts for women.

The usual woman’s statement: It’s not the gift, it’s the thought behind it or your gift is not dear to me – your love is dear… appears an absolute lie in the most cases.

The axiom is that presents mean a lot for any woman!!!

What is the most important in a gift? A woman should like her present. It should be useful for her. The best thing if a woman proud of a man’s gift and she will not be able in no case to consider her present as a mockery or unpleasant hint.

The gift-giving is the very usual thing on the dating sites. But gifts for Slavic women have some special rules.

If you do not want to look foolishly, please never present such gifts to these women.

Ordinary post cards, computer presentations that had been given without another material gift, will put down to null your chances to possess the heart of the Slavic bride.

The same effect will have the used cell phones and used laptops gifted to the Slavic women. For sure they will never use them and things will find their abodes in dusty storerooms.

Flowers and candy could be a good variant but only as an attachment to the main gift.

You may easily turn into her enemy if you will give her an animal. In addition, she may be an allergic.

Pots and pans are the worst variants of gifts because she may think that you want to tie her to the kitchen.

Never even dream about give her bulky items or clothes. The first one will scare for sure and the second one will never satisfy her because one should be only the fashionable couturier to please her without fitting.

To the more or less appropriate gifts should be added automatic coffee makers, shower gels and body lotions. But please be sure that your gift produced by the well-known cosmetic companies.

We understand that after the reading of all aforesaid, a man could appear in the more complicated situation as to the gift-giving to his future bride.

But be sure that the women will never let the process of the gift-giving, run its course. And for sure a man will receive a letter from the Slavic bride with such words: Honey, last night I have a very pleasant night dream. You have given to me a fantastic gift!! Guess what was it?