How to understand that a girl likes you?

I think that a lot of men will make the conclusion after the reading of the headline of this article that it is a useless one. Because it is a main thing how to understand that a girl likes you. And your masculine qualities and your man’s charisma just bewitched her…

But no wonder that they say that a woman is a real enigma. And the understanding of her motivations and her deeds is much harder than the solving of the Chinese puzzle. In many cases, you may meet with illogical female behavior and your assurance in her feelings may dissipate like a morning fog.

So, let us try to discover signs that girl likes you during the correspondence on the dating sites.

It is absolutely clear that if the girl first writes you and she is very active during the exchanging of letters on the dating site then she likes you. Maybe, maybe… But please do not forget that you are on the dating site and she could be in the active search for the husband and you are one of the twenty or more men who received the same letter with a lot of compliments and the demonstration of the interest in you.

This should be done also

The next sign is that she is always open for the dialogue and you will never read in her letter that she will be busy and she will write the answer to your next letter only in the next week or later. But such a readiness to the dialogue with you could have another nature… She may be the paid writer or the employee of the site. And her increased interest in you is her work and she surely has no plans to date with you seriously.

If a girl sends letters in your address with her photos then it could be the demonstration of her interest in your person. But the best thing that you should do in this situation is to ask her to send you photos made at home or at work with a proof that this photo had been made for you. For example, she should have a piece of paper in her hand with greetings addressed especially to you.

Imagine the situation that you have some problems with work or health and you have described your failures in the letter to the girl that showed her interest to you. It would be a very positive thing if the girl will frankly try to support you and even will offer her help. But if the girl will describe how nice she spent the weekend with her friends and will not even mention about your problems then if will be better to forget about this girl.

It is the demonstration that a girl likes you if she will tell you about her everyday life and ask about your opinion about things connected with her, or will ask for your aid. But if she will ask for the money help then be sure that there is a shark before you.

We think that maybe the best sign that a girl likes you is if she will jealous you. But in the same time, there are a lot of examples when women lost their interest in men after the conquering of them…

So, you should use different tests about how to understand that a girl likes you.