Speed Dating in NYC

Speed Dating in NYC is nothing more than one of the forms of dating. By the way, there is an opinion that the speed dating had been invented exactly in New York but we do not absolutely sure in the reliability of this information.

It is an absolute truth that that over the past decades. The situation with dating in New York, and other American cities, has not undergone much change. It could be considered as a problem or not but dating on the street and generally speaking, in public places is very unpopular. Different sources affirm that most often New York ladies prefer to get acquainted through the Internet – 25%, through friends – 24%, in a nightclub, bar or restaurant – 16%, at work – 11%, on the street (in public places) – 8%, through parents – 1%. So, the scenes of sweet get acquaintances on the streets demonstrated in the movies can be attributed to the section of fantasy.


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According to statistics, there are 1.3 million single men and 1.8 million single women in New York. The majority of all these people have never been married.

Desires of New Yorkers about their future partners

One of the most important questions is what are New Yorkers looking for in their partners? And here we meet with rather different situations based on the gender factor.

Women generally affirm that are interested most of all in the partner’s personality. They would like to find a person with deep moral principles but this does not prevent them to be interested very much in the profession of the future choice – 85%. For the 66% of women, the key factor in the process of the selection of a partner is his exterior. And, at last, 58% of women who have shown an absolute sincerity confessed that the male’s income is the most important factor for them.


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Men who are much more simple creatures than women have demonstrated highly expected results. 65% of men are looking for feminine beauty.  70% of men are preferring women with a funny and easy temper. Undoubtedly, one should carry to the category of romantics 79% of men who want to find wisdom and wit in the future beloved woman. And finally, 34% of men are looking for women with decent incomes.

What is speed dating in NYC

So, the quantity of speed dating in NYC reaches nearly 100 monthly. For those who have heard about such a method of dating but still have not taken part in it, we inform that it is a party with an equal number of men and women, with a certain age group of guests.

Men and women sit at table either two together or four depending on the format of speed dating. The pairs change every 5-7 minutes. With the aim to simplify the process of acquaintance, the tables are numbered, and all participants are given badges that show their names or pseudonyms at the entrance. Nobody checks passports of the participants of speed dating. It is forbidden to come drunk and smoking is also prohibited. The main rule of the speed dating is that one can only enter a dating party by ticket and outside visitors are not allowed here.


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The topics of dialogues are dictated by the presenters. Interlocutors should change clearly in time. It leads to that at the end of the evening everyone would be familiar with each other. During conversations, calm and romantic music sounds quiet, which should not interfere with the comfort of the environment. The dynamic and loud music starts for 1-2 minutes when the time comes for the transition to a new interlocutor. Most often, men move clockwise from one lady to another.

The holdup of the changing of interlocutors is unacceptable absolutely because it will break the order of the event. From 10 to 40 blitz-acquaintances take place during the speed dating. That is why it’s very important that all men and women have badges. It helps not to lose the man or woman you like.

The results of speed dating

In the USA the organizers give out contacts (telephones and e-mails) at the end of the evening (or the next day), and in some countries it is permitted to exchange contacts right in the evening.

If you are in doubt whether to choose only one person from all the participants in the evening. Organizers advise to select all persons that you liked because no one knows whether that single interlocutor or interlocutor will reciprocate.

There is no specific type of people who attend speed dates. Here you can meet representatives of various professions, people with different characters, social statuses, interests and life principles.

Speed dating organizers affirms that smiling and frank men are popular among women. On the contrary, men prefer mysterious strangers surrounded by a charm of mystery. 55% of men make up an opinion based on the appearance and the body language of a woman. 35% of men use the feminine timbre of voice and manner of speech to build an opinion about women. And only 7% of men pay attention to the meaning of lady’s words.

Women are more likely to attend speed dating in NYC. However, men who have tried speed dating at least once continue to attend such events for 30% more often than ladies.

Speed dating with Ukrainian women

Since the fashion for speed dating has already reached Ukraine. We want to note that Ukrainian women also visit them with pleasure. But their interest to such events rises sharply if they know that they will have the chance to meet foreign men there. And we also know that foreign men also attend with increased interest speed dates with Ukrainian women. They are never disappointed as they have the opportunity to meet with very beautiful Ukrainian women. In addition Ukrainians demonstrate much more openness and desire to please men.