Speed Dating Los Angeles

Speed Dating Los Angeles makes me recollect the life scene that I witnessed. The smartly dressed beautiful woman hastily walking down the street and almost every oncoming man pays attention to her.

One of the men asks her with the desire to get acquainted with her: “Where to rush such a beautiful woman?” And she answered him with a smile: ”Speed dating!”

It is really an amazing fact that Los Angeles is considered to be the motherland of speed dating. Back in 1998, a respected resident of Los Angeles, Rabbi Jacob Devo, has simply wanted to help Jewish guys and girls get acquainted to create families. He believed that speed dating will really help busy people to meet their future spouses. And as it usually happens, the idea worked great!!! After the very first party in Beverly Hills, speed dating began to gain popularity literally around the world.

Of course, you should not expect seriously something fateful from these dates. And it is for good if you will forget about the excitement and anxious forebodings, going on speed dating. But as a rule, you will meet with a dozen of new and nice people. And who knows what will be then…

One podgy woman has met the charming dietician who helped her to say

goodbye forever to her overweight. But she has married a banker afterward.

A hallmark of Speed Dating Los Angeles

A hallmark of Speed Dating Los Angeles is that Los Angeles can be called the fact that Los Angeles is not a big city. We talk about the city of Los Angeles but Los Angeles County is surely big.

So, the speed dates here have no level like the same ones in New York.

We would like to show you the typical poster of Speed Dating Los Angeles.

“The Russian restaurant “Urban Dacha” invites you to a unique event for lonely hearts – speed dates. This event is for those who are tired of dating “blindly” on the Internet and who really want to meet their love. From 7 pm drinks and snacks from the restaurant will be offered. After 9 pm – a special menu and entertainment. This event will be held in the restaurant “Urban Dacha” every last Thursday of the month under the auspices of employees of popular dating sites. There will be Russian and English speaking guests at the event.”

If you will decide to attend this speed dating then you should be ready to pay $30-35 for everybody.

We should admit that there are many speed dates clubs, and the principle of their work is about the same.

Pre-registration is usually done via the Internet. And at the party itself, you will be given badges with your name and table number. Young ladies sit down at each table, men sit down to them. Acquaintance is allotted for 5-7 minutes.

Sometimes the topics of conversation are appointed by the organizers, for example, travel, hobbies, cinema, favorite book, etc., but in principle, you can talk about anything except “How much do you earn?” And other questions in this style.

At the signal of the leader, the guys move to other tables. The girls remain in place. In addition, participants are given a card in which you can mark people you like. In case the interest is mutual, the couple gets each other’s contacts.

A hallmark of Speed Dating Los Angeles

Thus, in an hour you have time to talk with 12 potential partners. Sometimes the meeting format is 2 hours plus a break, sometimes a glass of wine is included in the price. Sometimes you sit too close to neighboring couples and sometimes the music in the restaurant is too loud.

The last two circumstances look rather annoying. And if you want to avoid such inconveniences then you should try to find out such moments in advance from the organizers or look for reviews about companies and venues (they are known in advance).

It also happens that companies offer atypical formats: play the “Mafia” or try “eyes dating”: look at the partner’s eyes for two minutes in silence. Such things have the aim to revive the atmosphere but a lot of people dislike them.

Cons and pros of speed dates

There are cons and pros of speed dates.

Pros- a married person is unlikely will come here to look for an affair or adventure for one night. The vast majority of men and women come with serious intentions.

Cons- Such events are mainly attended by totally lonely people, those who cannot force themselves to go out with the company to a bar or to a concert where they can meet someone. Or spend all their time at work. And sometimes you may meet some pranksters among guests.

At the entrance, everyone is handed a kind of check-list, where participants put their counterparts’ pros or cons and make small notes about each other. You will receive these notes regarding yourself by e-mail the same or the next day – it is terribly useful for those who want to find out what impression makes in the first moments of acquaintance.

Also in the letter, there will be contacts of those with whom your pluses coincided. Then decide: wait for the first step from your “couple” or write (call) yourself.

Many participants note that such a volume of communication and new acquaintances is very tiring. In one evening, you need to impress 10-20 times, hear many stories about other people and maintain a conversation with strangers.

The saddest thing is when you understand in advance that the next person sitting at your table is categorical “not yours”. And he understands the same thing. And you just sit for five minutes and wait for the signal.

Although not. The saddest thing is when all the participants in quick dates are “not yours”.

The example of a rather fresh decision to the speed dating in Los Angeles

The good news is that we have found the example of a rather fresh decision to the speed dating in Los Angeles.  Americans love and value really high women from Russian-speaking countries. And many believe that it’s better to see each other as soon as possible than to spend endless evenings on social networks and dating sites.

Several speed dating companies use such tactics: before the meeting, women are invited to 40-minute consultation with professional “matchmakers”. They are being told as much as possible about each man who attends the party: profession, income, savings, which party he is looking for, whether he wants to have children. These details will help the participants decide which men are worth paying attention to.

Then begins speed dating – communication with all men in turn for two minutes. After such speed dates, participants are offered to continue acquaintance using interesting activities, for example, a culinary master class.

We would like to add that if it is known that women from Ukraine will take part in the speed dates then it attracts a particularly large number of men!! Organizers make admission for Ukrainian ladies free. They need only to fill out a form.

So, we highly recommend attending Speed Dating  Los Angeles with Ukrainian women.