The reasons why girls refuse men on dating sites

A woman is an eternal enigma. Undoubtedly these two words: woman and enigma are absolute synonyms. So, it rather complicated to determine the reasons why girls refuse men on dating sites. But we will try…

Very often women act under the influence of the random emotions or changing moods. As a rule, single girls are in constant search of their second half that should have the set of traits that had been taken from the main hero of the trendy series. And at the same time, nothing prevents the girls who are already in a relationship, to dream languidly about the days when they were left to themselves.

When you are a lonely woman then you have a great opportunity to eat whatever you want and how much you want. Oh! No! The last statement is wrong for sure because every self-respecting woman always tries to follow the beauty of his figure and leads the eternal struggle with excess weight!

There are other positive moments when you are a single woman. You do not need to maintain absolute cleanliness in the house. You have the sweet opportunity to scatter your stuff anywhere. Nobody will reproach you for left opened a bottle with on a cream for your face on the kitchen table. There is no need to divide the bed into your part and his part. No one pulls a blanket from you at night, no one snores in your ear and farts beside you. And finally, you can use your favorite pink bedding with flowers and animals. We are absolutely sure that every woman considers all of the above arguments as extremely serious.

And also some women who are already in the relationship could meet with the sore situation when their husbands or lovers do not approve contacts with former unmarried female friends. But if you are a single woman then you have not only the plenty of time for friendship and communication but you also do not need to report each time about where you were and how you spent your time with friends.

There are two dominating factors such as the call of Mother Nature, which requires the realization of the motherly and the irresistible desire of every woman to be no worse than others force women to search for the bridegrooms on the dating sites.

But after the registration a woman could meet with such a behavior of masculine members of the dating site that which can destroy her illusions and scare away her from using the dating service.

We would like to present to the reader a few examples taken from the correspondence between registered users of dating sites. We change the names of the addressee for moral reasons.

Here is the excerpt from a letter of John, 61 years old.

“Hi Olga,

I have been on this site for years (5 Years ) and I have fallen in love a number of times only to find out that it was a fake person, a liar, scammer, or woman just wanted conversation. some want to have sex online some want to show me their bodies and close-ups but, none want to tell me the truth, it was just bull. doing but my own so, I blame. well, enough of my history

I must admit, I was lying as well sometimes so, I was no better than the ones doing it to me.

I am not here to find a wife and get married and I don’t want to have a wife. I have a wife and she is a wonderful person and mother of 4. And she is one of my best friends. But she is like a sister to me which is good. But I know now that will not change.

I have been to Ukraine 10-15 times and each time it was a disaster filled with lies, the last time was so bad and so hurtful so I decided I would not go back again, it is too painful and stupid.

But, I will meet you anywhere other than Ukraine there are so many fun cities. if we become serious in our relationship and committed to each other then someday I will go back because you are there…”

Here is the answer from Olga, 25 years old.

“Hi John,

You have slightly surprised me by your letter. I have remembered you because you look on your photo very imposes and handsome. You noted in your profile that you are divorced, have 4 children and you seek for PASSION, CARING AND LOVE. All these things motivated me to send you my letter where I told you about my desire to get to know you. Then you called me in chat and without an ordinary greeting and without even called my name, you simply asked whether I can speak English or not?

I was really been surprised by such type of behavior. You are a grown up and educated man but it looks as if you know nothing about courtesy or good manners.

And then I have received your letter where you in a rather tearful manner, told me that you are a married man and a simple lier who are tired of the family life and simply wants to find adult entertainment.

But the most wonderful thing is that you do not understand why such a liar as you are, meets with the lie of women with whom you contacted!!! I am sure that you get what you deserve.

Good luck,


Another example looks more frankly …

Here is the letter from Ann, 31 years old.

“Dear Frank,

All of us have private dreams that change with time whether dreams come true or not. What is something that you want to have in the close future? Are you ready to work hard to fulfill your dream? I would like to help you to fulfill your best dream especially if it’s a dream about the creation of the loving family…”

Here is the answer from Frank, 45 years old.