Top reasons to be a married person

So, you have decided to become a married one! If it is a serious desire than a minute whim then we want to congratulate you because it is a desire of the socially adult member of the society.

Let us examine how men describe why they want to be married and how their ideal future wife should be looking… All information below had been taking from dating sites and we surely have changed the names of men according to the moral principles.

This is the points of view of men

Ahmed, Egypt

I love having a long conversation .. Speak a lot in anything … Much talk between the couple in my mind is love between them And I think that marriage is two friends, with a sexual relationship …

Frank, USA

I dream of finding my soulmate and one day owning my own business. I really don’t think there’s an ideal mate out there. I’m looking for someone simple, down to earth, honest and loyal. someone sensitive and caring and who will stand by my side through thick and thin, for rich or poorer. I don’t think these things that I . looking for is too much to ask.

David, UK

I dream to find the perfect woman to travel with me and share the happiness and joy of life. I’m divorced man looking for a amazing woman to build a great future with thats serious and loving. Im not wanting games or only chat but to build a relationship that turns into marriage.

Dan, Iceland

I am looking for a long term relationship and marriage with a woman with strong family oriented values who is kind and honest.

As one can see all these reasonable men have the very clear aims and desires.

But what are the feminine motivations to be married?

This is the points of view of women

There are two main forms of the union between a man and a woman in our society. The first one is the well-known registered marriage.  The second one is a so-called civil marriage. It is when young people decide to live together, test their feelings and compatibility in everyday life. Many men are ardent supporters of civil marriage, as they have almost complete freedom in such relationships; they can have minimal obligations and can also break such a union at any time with impunity. And naturally they try to save such relationship as long as possible. For sure such form of the union is a masculine invention!

Women feel themselves rather unsure in the civil marriage because they are not protected by law and almost always they put a lot of efforts to transfer the union into an officially registered marriage.

So, what are feminine aims of the marriage?

These women differ by their precise consciousness. All of them have a very clear life scenario. The role of the husband in this life scenario is often secondary. He should only correspond to the plan drawn in the woman’s head. These women are very sure in themselves and some of them become successful business ladies.

Another group of women consists of pure manipulators. Their main aim is to keep the loved one with registered marriage. After a marriage, they try to dominate in the family, threatening her husband with financial problems in case of divorce.

No less numerous is the group of women who submit to the herd instinct to be like others and in no way differ from the main mass of women. They are driven by the tribute to traditions and they are not very selective in the choice of the future husband. The main motto of them: it is time to be married!

The last group of women prefers the marriage of convenience. They solve their material and psychological problems with the marriage of convenience. We should admit that such form of marriage is absolutely cleared from any romantic components. And surprisingly, such marriages are very strong.