Which bride is better: Ukrainian or Russian?

It is not surprising that almost all grooms are interested to know which bride is better: Ukrainian or Russian? The statement belonged to the majority of apologists of Russian culture that Russian and Ukrainians are same people is absolutely ridiculous. One can easily find a lot of critical differences both in the mentality and culture of these people. The analogy of this situation which can serve as a typical example is the difference between Austrian and Germans. They are quite similar but they are people of the different nationalities.

A couple of years ago experts of the dating business who had been driven by the desire to help their clients to make the best choice among the brides from different countries, put Ukrainian women on one of the top positions. The main criterion of such decision was the stunning attractiveness of Ukrainian women. And they also have not forgotten to note that Ukrainian women are well educated and always ready to talk about literature and philosophy.

Most regrettably to the Russians, experts have estimated the quality of Russians extremely low. According to their opinion, they are unfriendly, ignorant, very lazy and in many cases they stop caring for their appearance after several years of marriage.

Such opinions made the very critical influence when it comes to the selection of the future brides. This explains the fact why the majority of Russian prefers to marry girls with Ukrainian roots.

The fact that Ukrainian women are really good at cooking, they are perfect in housekeeping and they have real feminine beauty is recognized all over the world.

Although the prevalence of the natural beauty of Ukrainian brides among the Russian brides is the disputable fact, scientists have clearly defined the difference in the mentality of Russian women and Ukrainian women.

According to their research, the main dream of the majority of Russian brides is to find the wealth husband who will satisfy all material need such as big houses,  very modern cars, jewels and permanent vacations in foreign fashionable resorts. At the same time, brides are not at all interested in the sources of income of future husbands. They eagerly accept as a bridegroom both financier or drug lord.

On the contrary, the Ukrainian women possess higher moral principles and less inclined to turn money into the main driven reason for the marriage with a certain man. In the main they would like to meet the soul mate and start the family life with modest income but with clear good perspectives in the future. Such attitude helps Ukrainian brides to realize themselves in the marriage and to turn into the passionate wives and perfect mothers.

The historical situation in Ukraine when the masculine population of the country has taken active parts in the different wars and military conflicts had the consequences when Ukrainian woman have been forced to raise children and to keep house by themselves. Thus a woman in Ukraine always had the will to make independent decisions. The last one is very rare for the Russian women.

Referring to the aspect of differences in the sexual behavior of Russian and Ukrainian women, it is necessary to add that the warmer climate of Ukraine compared to the harsh climate of Russia, endowed the Ukrainian women with passionate sexual temperament. The foreign men note the high creativity of the Ukrainian women and the constant desire to give the partner exquisite pleasure in bed.

Also that is not less important that the Ukrainian woman to her husband tends to be a reliable support, a wise adviser, and a partner. She is always ready to praise her husband sincerely and she will scold him only justly.

We absolutely have no desire to affirm that Ukrainian women are pure angels in a woman’s appearance. However, the implacable statistics claims that the number of happy marriages of foreigners with Ukrainian women is steadily growing every year.