Which brides are most in demand on dating sites?

One can say that it is a very easy question because the feminine beauty always attracts men. Thus, it is not surprising that women spend so much effort and money to improve their appearance. The strange fact is that every second woman is very sure that men will admire the beauty of her hair or blouse. And will not notice her crooked legs.

What are the demands of grooms on the dating sites

But the groom brides on the dating sites are males first of all. Every one of them has at least two characters in the depth of his consciousness. The first is a very little boy that remembers about how tasty was the milk that he sucked from his mommy’s breasts. These breasts seemed so big for him. And he liked to play with them so much. The second one is a pure male and the transmitter of life and whom Mother Nature advices to have a female with big breasts. It is because the availability of big breasts is the guaranty of feeding of the healthy offspring!!

That is why busty brides are most in demand on dating sites. They receive a lot of letters with compliments where men confess that they are big breasts lover. The main question that bolder men ask right away and shy ones ask after a while is what is the size of breasts? Then usually follows an equally important question: are breasts natural or not? And in spite of the impressive progress in the field of plastic surgery, men prefer to have wives with large and natural breasts! But as a rule, men forget about anatomical features of the female body. If the woman has big natural breasts then for sure she has heavyset and fatty body also.

How women fulfill male’s demands

Of course, sly brides and other women are well aware of this man’s weakness. And they actively use different methods for the enlargement of breasts.

Even the quick look on the photos of brides on the dating sites shows that all women’s dresses and blouses have only deep cleavage. Women with small breasts pose for half a turn in the photographs or hold flowers, or other objects that hide the view of the breast. One could find in the private photo albums in the woman’s profile an extraordinary variety of bikini photos of women with excellent bodies. In many cases, big breasts, wasp waists and beautiful bends of woman’s hips are the result of using Photoshop.

The funniest thing is that the majority of women believe sincerely that these are their real photos. Just at the moment they are stouter a little, but next month they will surely part with those extra pounds!!