Women seeking men New York

Women seeking men New York. It is one of the very common search engine queries. We have placed below some samples of the personal ads posted by women on the dating sites.


Meeting of lovers


New York City

looking for the right man

Contact: Patricia


Looking for serious relationship that i can call mine forever

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New York City

Looking for the right man

Contact: Beth


Looking for serious relationship that’s not for games, i can give him all my heart

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New York City

Seeking for a relationship.

Contact: Serena


I am divorced and i have a daughter who live with me at home ,.. I live a lone and i am self employed .. Well am seeking for a serious relationship that will last forever please text me if you are interested

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New York City

I need a serious man as my husband

Contact: Rebecca


I am a single woman of a 29 years old, seeking for a serious man for a long term relationship… I hope I will be lucky enough to to find the right man for me on here

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New York City


Now we would like to ask a question: why all these women are alone? Maybe there is a lack of single and decent men in New York City?

The heroine of the series “Sex and the City” once said a phrase that surprised me and that was very memorable one: “New York is the worst city for creating a family. This is a city of loners. ” It would seem that there are so many free, purposeful men and women! So many wonderful bars, coffee houses, galleries, where you can easily make an acquaintance!

But the reality shows us the situation when this phrase Women seeking men New York for sure will be among ads constantly.

As a rule, a lot of women who have boyfriends do not live with them. They meet a couple of times a week, spend a weekend together and leave. This format of relations, as it turns out, is very viable. There are a lot of examples when someone has been dating a man for a year, someone is three, someone is six and a half! If one of them nevertheless moves to his boyfriend, this causes a storm of emotions among friends.


Woman and man in NYC


New York is filled up with men who are really able to attract women. And the most wonderful thing is that the majority of these men have the searching look of their eyes. It is because the amount of the simply pretty women seeking men New York or girls is significantly less than the amount of beautiful and pretty men.

But, what female qualities besides an ugly appearance scare men the most?

Women fixated on marriage

Those girls who radiate a tremendous desire to quickly get married are always looking very dangerous for men. They are absolutely sure that they should take an initiative of the creation of the family into their tender feminine hands. They also try to demonstrate the qualities of the good housewife on the first date. No wonder that such an enthusiasm only worsens the situation and scares men even more

Overconfident women

Frankly speaking, this is not bad when a woman is confident and stubbornly moving towards her goal. But if she goes too far, just uses a man for her needs. And if at the same time she shows an absolute heartlessness then no one needs such a wife. Nobody can deny that bitches are good lovers. But ordinarily, men want to have in the role of legal spouses soft, kind and complaisant women.

Adventure women

That role of the seeker of adventures belongs traditionally to a man. But any adventure seeker needs in the rest in the cozy and quiet family nest. And if he meets a girl who claims that she’s bored with “normal” people and if she daily requires madness, exploits, adrenaline and passions from him, then most likely he will never stay for long with such a woman. And in spite of the assumptions of some malevolent women, a man needs most of all a harmony. Life is also very boring if it looks like an adventure movie all the time. The majority of men want first of all to have wives who will provide them with a calm and measured life and only as an addition, will be good companions in their hobbies.

Self-interested women

Such trait as a self-interest is always very unpopular. Practically men of all ages and estates dislike absolutely and carefully avoid greedy women. Clever women will never claim diamonds or mink fur coats before the wedding.  But aggressive pretense of different expensive presents or other expensive pleasure is among the most popular reasons for the divorce.

Frigid women

A woman could be not really frigid completely. But if she demonstrates coolness in the bed with a man or she is interested in sex only as a source of the pregnancy then a man could find a possibly more passionate variant for matrimonial alliance.


It is not necessary to take into consideration those women who demonstrate the principal rejection of men

Grouchy women

What can annoy an ordinary man more than a woman which is hard to please and who constantly laments fate? From these women, men flee in the first place. Men want to see next to them the one that can comfort them, cheer them, and sometimes get sad with them.

Jealous women

It is the clear truth that feminine friendship does not exist. The old truth claims that if a woman takes her friend with her to buy a hat. The latter will advise her of a less suitable variant. Women live in the constant competition between each other when it comes to the selectin of men. So, it is not wonder that all women are jealous. In the hard cases they are able to arrange total surveillance with checking email and phone calls of men. A rare man can withstand such an ordeal.

After all of the aforesaid, words belonged to Frank from New York City, look absolutely logical.


Freedom for lovers in NYC


– You ask why I want to date a girl from Ukraine? It is because I am sick of feminist manners of our women! Career comes first for a lot of American women. Many of them state absolutely seriously that when a child appears in the family, her husband will sit with him, because she needs to reach certain professional heights. By the way, it is the reason of my divorce. We believe that Europeans are more subtle and educated natures. And it is indeed! You know more about the world than students of American colleges with their focus on clothes, cosmetics and tabloids, which tell about the life of celebrity. I am for that good old America, where three or four children grew up in families. And the women did not work or had a small career. For example, my mother was a librarian. I can’t imagine how a woman can be a high professional and at the same time keep a house and raise children. I am 42 years old, and I really hope to meet a smart woman with a big heart who will like living in a house on the beach of the ocean and raising our children. In the US, I have not found one yet. And we should not forget the factor of beauty. Ukrainian women are considered the most beautiful ones in the eastern hemisphere. And if we take into account their ability to cook an amazing dish called borsch, it’s hard to find equal for them!!!


Romantic night in New York


So, we sure unfortunately or not that the add Women seeking men New York will exist for a very long time.